Our Process: Tailored Communication

Oat Design + Build understands that different people need different things when it comes to communication. At our first meeting together, you tell us what communication style works best for you: calls, emails, texts, or, our online platform: Builder Trend. Builder Trend is growing in popularity as many of our clients are busy professionals. Builder Trend is an app you download to your device that allows 24/7 project progress tracking, feedback sharing, and communication with Oat. You can click here for a brief preview of the app, but when the times comes we'll walk you through it. 

Our Process: Projects Made Easy

At Oat Design + Build, we have established a process that focuses on YOU. We have turned the remodeling process into an experience that our clients describe as easy, stress-free, and dare we say it… fun!

Our process involves four face-to-face meetings throughout the design process, monthly face-to-face meetings and weekly email updates throughout the build process. This allows US to proactively manage every detail of your project, and allows YOU to simply relax and get excited about the transformation that is about to take place.

Read on if you’re interested in the nitty gritty!

Design Process

Your first design meeting will be with Adam St. Marie, CEO, and design and build expert. This meeting typically takes about an hour and a half. He will meet you at your project location. He’ll walk you through our portfolio, explain our design and build process in entirety, and provide in-depth answers to your questions. He’ll will get to know you as an individual and work with you to specify your vision, your timeline, and your budget. Adam will share initial ideas for your project so that you can get a glimpse of the creativity and expertise Oat Design + Build has to offer you. At the end of the first meeting, we will explain the next step, the 3D Design Agreement. Please note that we provide custom quotes for our Design Services, as the scope of work for each project and the needs of each client are entirely unique.

The 3D Design Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of our design work, which when we are finished, produces an all-encompassing virtual tour of your project space. While some clients do prefer to proceed and sign the agreement at the first meeting, many would appreciate a little time to privately discuss our offer with their partners. We understand that entrusting someone with the future of your home or business is a huge decision! We’ll give you the time you need to digest our offer, reach out to our client references, and even research our “competition,” so that when you select us for your project you are confident that you have made the right choice. We’ll reach out to you three business days after the first meeting to see if you are ready to proceed.

When you are ready to proceed, our Administrative Team will reach out to set up a time for Adam or another qualified member of our team to come out to your project location and get exact dimensions of your space. Depending on the size of your project space, this could take up to several hours. Many of our projects are second homes and thus many clients are not present for the measurements being taken. Of course, you are more than welcome to be present if you would prefer to be.

After Adam gets your exact dimensions, Michala Dinkle, Executive Administrator, will send you a copy of the 3D Design Agreement for you to sign and return. Then, she will send you a “Next Steps” page, which will outline exactly when you can expect different phases of your designs to be completed.

Between the first and the second meeting, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Our Design Team is diligently constructing a customized layout for your project, in keeping with the flow, structure, and functionality preferences you shared with us in the first meeting. We refer to this layout creation as Phase One. After our team has completed your Phase One designs, we will hold the second meeting.

At the second design meeting, Adam will present to you your Phase One designs to ensure that all your needs and wants are met thus far. He will accommodate for any revisions you may want to make. Adam and a member of our Design Team will then discuss with you your preferences and options for the finer details of your project, such as appliances and fixtures, colors and finishes. Our Design Team will then take all of your fine detail selections discussed in the second meeting and apply them to your Phase One designs, creating what we refer to as your Phase Two designs.

At the third design meeting, a member of our Design Team will present the first draft of your Phase Two designs, and once again accommodate for any revisions you may have. Your designer will also present various selections and samples for you to choose from and assist you in making your remaining fine detail selections. Our Design Team then applies your final fine detail selections to your Phase Two designs, and there we have it… your Virtual Master Plan! Deciding on each and every design factor in advance allows us to deliver on point, on time, and on budget. We will then use your Virtual Master Plan to put together a complete bid package (total project cost, comprised of labor and materials, for the build portion of your project).

The fourth design meeting is the most exciting of all of the design meetings! Adam will have your Virtual Master Plan, bid package, and accurate progress timeline. He will walk you through and verify every last detail with you, and have you sign the Final Contract. Your project now graduates from our Design Team to our Build Team.

Build Process

Throughout the build process, our team will send you weekly email updates. It’s not necessary for you to respond to these emails. We simply send these so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is progressing according to the vision, timeline, and budget agreed upon in the final contract.

Additionally, our Administrative Team will coordinate monthly meetings in which Adam will meet you at your project location to check in with you and answer any questions you may have. Adam will be on site to personally oversee your project much more frequently than the monthly meetings, and clients may choose to opt out of the monthly build meetings if they so desire. Again, this is something we offer to make sure you are having the most enjoyable remodeling experience possible.